Swami’s Birthday – 23rd November 2013


On 23rd of November 2013, we celebrated the

88th anniversary of the Advent of our Lord Sai amongst us.

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SWAMI postal-stamp 2Postal Department of the Government of India issued a special Postage Stamp, with Swami’s picture, of the denomination Rs. 5.00. This very special stamp was officially released on Swami’s Birthday, 23rd November 2013, in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Prasanthi’s 2013 Birthday Morning

Prasanthi’s 2013 Birthday Evening

“My Birthday is the Date when Divinity Blossoms in your Heart”

– Sathya Sai Baba

“Swami does not rejoice in the celebration of birthdays. Since all of you have come for this celebration, I am obliged to give you satisfaction. I have no wants. Whatever I do is for your sake. Recognize this truth. I have no dislike for anyone and no one dislikes me. All are mine and I belong to all. My benediction is “May all be happy”. Everyone should adhere to the path of righteousness. All should manifest their spiritual essence and experience spiritual bliss. Till you realize that spiritual oneness, you have to perform devotional acts like Bhajans, repetition of the name of God, and prayers”.

“With holy thoughts in you on this auspicious day, you must go out into the world and spread your sacred feelings among others. Don’t confine your feelings to yourselves or retain them only during your stay here. Spread them wherever you go”.

– Divine Discourse: 23 November 1997

The 50th Birthday Celebrations of Bhagawan Baba was first of the many grand Birthday Celebrations. It was one of the first times such large gathering assembled at Puttaparthi at the same time.

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“Today, thousands of people have gathered here. What has brought them together here? Love is the main cause. Without love, but few of you would have come from such distant places. How does this love express itself? It is a process of give and take. You have to receive God’s love, and you have to offer your love to Him. But, both are one and the same love. God’s love is reflected in you. That is the meaning of the declaration in the Bhagawad Geetha: “A spark of Mine is present in every being.”

– Divine Discourse: 23 November 1996


We have to treat others’ suffering and difficulties as our own. We have to be amicable with one and all.  We must develop faith in the maxim that we are “Ekatmaswarupas (Embodiments of One Divine Self). If our thoughts are good, we will always engage ourselves in satkarmas (good deeds). If you indulge in bad thoughts, you will see bad everywhere. If you eat a mango, can you get the belch of a cucumber? No! Similarly, if you always entertain good thoughts, you will see good everywhere. We must also develop a sense of discrimination to differentiate between the good and bad, and incorporate the good, leaving the bad behind. This principle should be followed in society too with all our fellow human beings. See good, do good and be good – that is the way to God!

– Divine Discourse,  23 Nov, 2008

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