Words of Sai

The water vapour produced by the Sun becomes a cloud and hides the Sun itself. Likewise thoughts arising in the mind conceal the Self (Atma). When the mind is eliminated the Atma alone remains. For eliminating the mind and removing the delusions from it, desires must be controlled. Aspirants of today are not reducing their desires. You must realise that selfishness and self-centeredness must be got rid of. Selfishness is the root cause of all the afflictions plaguing people. If the world is to be transformed, the best start is to reform yourself. Your evil traits must be removed. You must fill yourself with sacred thoughts. Without you realizing your true nature, all other accomplishments are of no avail! You must turn the mind inwards. Turning the mind towards the external world can only breed sorrow. Enduring bliss can be got only by directing the mind towards God. That is real and true sadhana (spiritual practice).

– Divine Discourse, Jul 7, 1990

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