Words of Sai

Without removing bondage to senses and our body, we cannot progress in life. Hence we must control our senses. To get effective results, we must first undertake to promote love, compassion and sacrifice. When we fill our heart with these three qualities, it will blossom into a beautiful garden with blooming flowers (Nandanavana). On the other hand, if we fill it with qualities like hatred, jealousy and anger then it will become a stinking pool. Everyone should introspect and decide whether we want our heart to be a Nandanavana or an unclean, smelly pool. All of you must make every attempt to fill your heart with sacred qualities. When we look at happy people, we must feel happy at their happiness. When we look at suffering and trouble, we must also share their sufferings. This attitude is called maitri-bhava. Make all attempts to promote compassion and goodness.

– Summer Roses on Blue Mountains 1976, Ch 12

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