Words of Sai

Do not get attached to this evanescent body; utilise it as an instrument instead. Consider yourself as separate from this destructible body; know yourself as the indestructible Atma. Just as the house in which you dwell is separate from you, so is this body which surrounds you for a short while, different to you. This body is the root cause of all grief and calamity. Understand this well and make the body obey your will without bowing down to its whims. Keep it under strict control and be prepared to cast it away any moment. You must train your body with great attention. Consider it as a boat that is meant to take you across this stream of life. Until the other bank is reached, or in other words, until the ultimate truth is attained you must ensure that this boat is not leaky or damaged. You must safeguard your body by taking moderate quantities of pure (sathwic) food at appropriate times, and by keeping up disciplined physical activities.

– Dhyana Vahini, Ch 10: “Innocence, Purity and Humility”.

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