Words of Sai

When you cultivate faith and surrender, you will have no concern about the consequences of your actions. All your thoughts and actions will be pure, saturated with love and conducive to peace, for your actions are no longer your acts, they are His, and you will be free. Therefore cleanse your hearts and make it a clear mirror, so that the Lord may be reflected therein, in all His full splendor and grandeur. The desires that cling to the mind are the blemishes that tarnish one’s inner consciousness. Control your senses. Do not yield to their insistent demands for satisfaction. When a corpse is placed on pyre and it is lit, the corpse and the pyre are both reduced to ashes. So too when the senses are negated, the mind too disappears. When the mind disappears, delusion dies and liberation is achieved. Remember, faith in God is the best reinforcement of spiritual victory.

– Divine Discourse, Mar 17, 1966

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