Words of Sai

If you wear blue eyeglasses, you see only blue, even though Nature is resplendent with many colours. If the world appears to you as full of differences, that is due to the fault within you. If all appears as one love, that too is only your love. The feeling within is the root cause. When you have faults within, the world appears faulty. When there is no knowledge of fault in yourself, no fault can be found even by search, for you wouldn’t know which are the faults. Now the question may arise whether the Lord Himself has faults as He also searches for faults. No, the Lord searches only for goodness. He won’t examine the wealth, family, caste, status, or gender. He sees only the righteousness (sadbhava). He considers those endowed with such righteousness as deserving His grace, whoever they are, whatever they are. Therefore, develop goodness. Live and act in joy and love. These two are sufficient; with them, salvation can be attained without fail.

– Prema Vahini, Ch 47

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