Words of Sai

Detach yourself from the senses. Only then the Spirit (Atma) will shine. The mind must be withdrawn from its present friends, the senses, and made loyal to its master, the intellect. Simply put, the grain must be separated from the chaff, through the exercise of viveka (discrimination). When you light a lamp and keep it in a room with all its five windows open, the wind will blow the flame out. To keep the lamp burning straight the windows must be closed. The senses are the windows; the flame is the mind concentrating on the single purpose of God-realisation. What do the outward-bound senses know of that sweetness? The frogs that hop around the lotus flower are unaware of the nectar contained in the flower. Only the intellect can reveal that bliss to you. Fix your desire on things that last and nourish, rather than on things that are flashy yet corroding.

– Sathya Sai Speaks: Vol V, Jan 29, 1965

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