Words of Sai

It is always preferable to approach God for the fulfilment of your wants, rather than cringe before others, who themselves are but tools in the hands of God. In his own silent way, God will transform the mind and turn it towards spiritual practices and successful spiritual pilgrimage. He cannot allow his children to lose their way and suffer in the jungle. When you approach God and seek his help and guidance, you have taken the first step to save yourself. You are then led to accept His will as your own. Thus, you achieve peace. God draws you to Him to re-form and re-shape you. God is a kind of smith, who repairs broken, leaky, and damaged ‘human-ware’. He is adept at fixing broken hearts, fragile minds, warped intellects, feeble resolutions and fading faith. Come to Him with hands that salute in prayer, hands that are eager to serve. Then, He fills them with loads of Grace.

– Divine Discourse, Oct 1 1965

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