Words of Sai

You must be careful even in matters relating to the realisation of God. Whatever inconveniences one may encounter, one must try to carry on spiritual practices without any break or modification in the disciplines. One should not be changing the name that one has loved, cherished and selected for remembrance (smarana). Concentration is impossible if the name is changed once every few days. The mind won’t attain one-pointedness. All spiritual discipline has this one-pointedness as its ultimate aim. Therefore, avoid constant adoption and rejection of names and forms of the Lord. One single name must be used throughout for repetition of the name (japa) and meditation. One has also to get the strong conviction that all the Lord’s names and forms are but the name and form that one is repeating. Your chosen name and form must not give the slightest feeling of dislike or disaffection.

– Prema Vahini, Ch 64

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