Words of Sai

In the Divine epic of the Ramayana there is a special profound message. That message is: one must lead the life of a human being, one must seek oneness with the Divine. In every human being, all the three natures – human, divine and demonic – are present. But most people today ignore their humanness and divinity, and foster only their demonic nature. Everyone, in fact, should strive to manifest their divinity, and not display their weakness or demonic qualities. There is no use in observing Sri Rama’s birthday once in a year and being satisfied with a good feast. Every moment marks the Lord’s advent, because human beings are being born continually. Every human being is an incarnation of the Divine. The Divine dwells in every being. Therefore, dedicate every moment to the thoughts of God. When you do this, in due course you experience the Divine. You will be free from delusions and you will be divinised. Man is born to merge in the grace of the Divine and not to immerse himself in mundane pleasures.

– Divine Discourse, April 5, 1998

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