shrine Om Sri Sai Ram

This page is named ‘Memories”, because a box of old video-cassettes was discovered gathering dust.

Various bhajan sessions etc, filmed at different Sai Centres and Events were in this box.

Most of them were recorded during the 90’s.

Some video snippets from some of these cassettes, will hopefully be posted here in due time. If Swami wills it so!

Note: Video quality will be low, due to most of them being filmed with an old analogue camera.

SAI BABA RESOURCE CENTREDuring that time period also, the “Sai Baba Resource Centre” in Melbourne was open.

Many a bhajan session took place there on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis.

The centre’s key role was to provide a public outlet for books, videos, audio and general information about our Dear Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

It was run by many a volunteer.

After opening for around 9 years, it finally moved to another location.

Here are some pictures of the place.



It also had a Prayer Room for Swami.



Sai Padukas

‘Sai Seekers’

One such video-cassette discovered in the box, was about a group of Sai brother’s and sister’s from Melbourne getting together to perform at a “Multi-Lingual Bhajan Event” held up in Sydney in 1996.

They sang various bhajans in different languages for this occasion.

As Swami says;

‘let the glory of God be sung in all the languages and a variety of tunes.
That should be the ideal’.

They were unofficially called the “Sai Seekers”

A light reference to the original group called ‘The Seekers’ (a famous singing group)

Practice Session at the Sai Baba Resource Centre

Singing to the Lord at the Opera House

After the Sai event, they visited the famous Sydney Opera House and other tourist spots around the harbour, occasionally singing a few of the bhajans.

Finally returning by road back to Melbourne.


Here is another video of a recording at the Sai Baba Resource Centre on the 23rd July 1998 when a bhajan was held and a special guest gave a talk.

His name is Ram Sewak Das Ji Maharaj. He is a senior pupil of Brambha Rishi Yogiraj Shree Devraha Baba – who was apparently one of the most famous yogis in the history of India, the eleventh from the lineage of Sri Ramanuja Acharya, also known as Ramanujacharya (the saint and the philosopher from the south of India and the founder of the Vaishnavism) and one of his most prominent followers. On the 19th of June 1990 Devraha Baba departed out of his body to enter the state of Mahasamadhi having imparted his power and his knowledge to his senior pupils Dev Das Ji Maharaj (Bare Maharaj Ji) and Ram Sewak Das Ji Maharaj (Chhote Maharaj Ji).

From the book “Horizons of Consciousness” by Ilia Belyaev

Many wonderful bhajans and satsang was held at this Centre over the 9 years.