Words of Sai

The word karma (action) is short and crisp. But the idea and ideals it conveys are of great significance to mankind. It is of two kinds: material and spiritual, that is, loukik (connected with this world) and vaidik (drawn from the Vedas or scriptural injunctions). Karma that merely sustains life is material. The vaidik actions elevate the human to the Divine and are based on the scriptures. Karma is not simply physical, it is also mental and verbal; it subsumes every activity of man—worldly, scriptural and spiritual. All the three strands are truly intertwined. Worldly actions entail merit or demerit. Scriptural based actions are saturated with the experience of generations of seekers of goodness. The spiritually-focused will devote themselves to cleansing their hearts so that the indwelling God may be reflected therein.

– Sathya Sai Vahini, Ch 18, “Activity and Action”

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