Words of Sai

Kama (desire) is a three-headed demon; when you win your desire, you develop lobha (greed) to retain the gain and see that it multiplies; when you are defeated in desire, you develop krodha (resentment or anger). Kama, lobha and krodha are all forms of rajoguna (quality of passion and activity), the feverish activity that ignores the ‘means’ while concentrating on the ‘end’. Rajoguna pursues the goal, but is not particular about the correctness of the path. Lanka was a land that reverberated with the recitation of the Vedas; its air was thick with sacrificial smoke. Yet the demons living there were wicked. Rituals must result in righteousness; otherwise, it is only rigmarole. Ravana sought to gain Prakrithi, not Purusha (the manifestation not the Manifestor), and so his life became futile.

– Divine Discourse, Aug 15, 1964

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