Words of Sai

One should engage in activity with a mind steady in fortune and failure, good and bad. Unless the intellect is purified and trained, it is impossible to give up attachment to the fruits of action and continue doing things as duty or dedication. Cultivate this mindset and through it, liberate yourself from the bondage of action (Karma). You might say that you will desist from action rather than practise the difficult discipline of renouncing the fruits thereof; but that is impossible! Karma is inevitable. Not for a single moment can one free oneself from action. Every deed (Karya) or activity has a beginning and an end, but Nishkama Karma (desireless action) has no such. That is the difference between the two. When action (Karma) is done with an eye on the gains therefrom, one has to suffer the loss, the pain, and even the punishment. But Nishkama Karma frees you from all these.

– Geetha Vahini, Ch 4

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