Words of Sai

The body is subject to destruction, sooner or later. Everyone is aware of this. Yet everyone is apprehensive of death; no one is eager to face the last moment. All that is born has to die someday – death is inevitable and unavoidable! To unlock the key to this paradoxical experience, ask thus: What is it that meets with death? What is it that leaves and what is it that remains? The answer: it is the body that dies and falls. What does not perish is the Atma. You delude yourselves into thinking that it is the Atma or “you” that dies; that is incorrect. The Atma (Self) has nothing to do with death or birth. It is eternal, true and pure. Realize and remember that you are the eternal, true and pure Atma – you are not the body.

– Geetha Vahini, Chap 14

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