Words of Sai

God incarnates for the sake of redemption of mankind and not for His own sake. He comes down to tell humanity its divine origin and to exhort people to return to God by following the Principle of Love. Through love you can achieve anything. It is this message that has to be understood today – the role of the Avatar in leading mankind through love to a Godly life. Every human being is an incarnation of the Divine. The Divine dwells in every being. Every moment marks the Lord’s advent, because human beings are being born continually. Therefore, dedicate every moment to the thoughts of God. When you do this, in due course you will experience the Divine. You will be free from delusions and be divinised. Man is born to merge in the grace of the Divine and not to immerse oneself in mundane pleasures. Suffuse your life with love and round it off with love.

-Divine Discourse, 5 April 1998

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