Words of Sai

Imagine you are walking at dusk when things are seen dimly and a rope lies on the path. Now each one who sees it has their own idea of what it is, though it is really just a length of rope. One steps across it, taking it to be a garland. Another thinks that it is a mark made by running water and treads on it. The third imagines it to be a vine, a creeper plucked from a tree that has fallen on the road. Some others are scared that it is a snake. Similarly, the one Divine without any change or transformation affecting It, manifests in the Universe with many names and forms, due to the dusk of maya (Illusion). Just as the dim light confuses people and provokes various feelings and reactions, maya disillusions people. The rope is ever the rope though it is the basis for all the variety.

– Geetha Vahini, Chap 12

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