Rely on the Lord…

Rely on the Lord and accept whatever is your lot.
He is in you, with you.
He knows best what to give and when.
He is full of Prema (Love).
That is My uniqueness: Prema.
Prema is a special gift I bring, the special medium through
which My Grace operates.
That is the basis of all My acts.
God is said to reside in everything.
He resides as Prema.
Devoid of Prema, the World becomes a cauldron of misery.
– Sathya Sai Baba

Bala Sai

Original top photograph above taken at Sri Rangapatna Orphanage in 1992 when we visited this place.

Video taken by someone in 2004 and their explanation, as read below

The Sri Rangapatna orphanage, founded in 1984, is located on the Mysore – Bangalore road, India. A man named Halagappa has devoted his life to selflessly serving the orphaned children that reside in the humble residence.
A small temple or shrine is part of this orphanage and many of the photographs of Sai Baba materialize vibhuti in this temple. (All over the world, photographs have been materializing vibhuti for several decades.)
The temple has some amulets available for all to see, which hold and experience the continuous flow of Amritha (sacred nectar). Amritha is being continuously manifested from those amulets which carry pictures of Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba, and which were blessed by Sathya Sai Baba nearly 30 years ago (immediately after which they began manifesting Amritha).
“The manager of the orphanage scooped one of the amulets out of a dish with a spoon, and put it in the palm of my right hand. It was nothing but a thin piece of porcelain with Baba’s face painted on it – there was no place for any mechanism to hide. I watched like a hawk as a few drops of amrit trickled from the amulet into my palm – but this meant nothing, it had just been sitting in a dish of amrit.
Yet amrit continued trickling from it until my palm was full, and with the spoon, the manager scooped the amrit from that hand and poured it into my left palm. As amrit continued to trickle from the amulet over a period of several minutes, he repeated this procedure four times, until finally my left hand was overflowing with amrit – and the amrit was still trickling into my right palm!
Even the most adamant skeptic, witnessing what I saw that day, would have to admit it was a miracle!!! (I tasted the nectar: it’s definitely not of this world!)”
The amrit keeps pouring out of the medallion, pouring out volumes of liquid many times the volume of the medallion itself. Because the medallion materializes amrit all day long, the caretaker puts it in bottles, and then gives it away to anyone visiting this small shrine.There is no way to describe amrit. It has a fragrance that is intoxicating. It tastes sweet, like a combination of honey and the scent of jasmine or gardenias. But there truly is nothing in the world to compare it with. Drinking this nectar of the Gods leaves one feeling profoundly peaceful and uplifted.
There is also an amazing sight as the vibhuti forms large, fluffy clumps and then falls off the photograph. Like all vibhuti, whether materialized out of Sai Baba’s hands, formed on photographs, or even on the walls of houses, one can use it for healing purposes, or to deepen one’s spiritual connection.
It is quite amazing to see vibhuti forming on a glass, as this ash is very fine, and one couldn’t stick it to a photograph or the glass covering it no matter how hard you tried. Yet it forms in large clumps that may grow to be a quarter of an inch deep before the weight causes the vibhuti to tumble to the ground.
This place is 14 km from Mysore and is on the Bangalore-Mysore Road. One can identify this place by the huge portrait of Swami, which is on the roof or better, just ask any one as you cross Srirangapatnam towards Mysore and they will direct you.

“If you accept Me and say yes, I too respond and say “yes, yes, yes!” If you deny Me and? say “no”, I also echo “no”. Come, examine, experience and have faith; that is the method of utilizing Me.”

– Baba

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